Authentic & Deliberate Leadership

When approaching online leadership training, two questions immediately come to mind. First, is there anything here I can’t get somewhere else, preferably in person? Second, can the content be delivered in an engaging and accountable way? The Authentic and Deliberate Leadership course delivers a yes, to both. Having read just about every common resource on leadership, and attending many available courses, I can say there’s a lot in the course I’ve never seen before. More importantly, the delivery is not only inspiring but the interface holds you accountable to attentive completion. In the end, this course is a high-value proposition.

John P. Clair, Chief of Police, Town of Marion Police Deptartment

The 40-hour course Authentic and Deliberate Leadership: The West Point Way was an excellent course.  Dr. David Mather did an excellent job also.  I especially liked how he combined theory and practice.  He would lecture about theory and then give examples about how what he had just mentioned (theory) could be applied in the field (practice).  I also enjoyed the format of the class.  The asynchronous nature of the class made it convenient.  I was able to attend the class mostly after office hours.  Dr. Mather being present in every module also made it more interesting and easier to follow.  The five areas of the course (Understanding Individuals, Leading Individuals, Leading Teams, The Leader in the Leadership System, and Leading Organizations) covered the basic and most important areas in leadership.  I was familiar with many of the topics covered and it refreshed my memory on the various leadership theories and models discussed.  I especially found the lessons on Motivational Theories and Leadership Theories helpful and thought-provoking.  In short, this course reinforced and confirmed my understanding of what it takes to be a leader.  I highly recommend this course to all leaders and aspiring leaders.

Esteban Soto III, Chief, Campus Safety and Security, University of Lynchburg

I recently completed the on-line course “Authentic & Deliberate Leadership: The West Point Way”. I found the format to be very user-friendly and easy to navigate. The class is self-paced and tracks your progress so you can stop anytime and are able to pick back up where you left off or go back and revisit sections as needed.  I have taken several leadership courses over the span of my 25 years in law enforcement. I am pleased to say I learned several new things in this training, particularly some good takeaways relating to dealing with underperforming and/or disgruntled employees.  I believe this training holds benefits for both experienced leaders as well as those new to leadership.

Katrina M. Goodman, Deputy Inspector General – Chief of Investigations, Office of the VA State Inspector General

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